Beef Pares

Beef Pares is the best food pairing ever! The combination of tender beef asado, garlic fried rice, and piping-hot broth is filling and delicious.
Beef Pares
It’s the height of Summer, and as expected, our Southern California temperatures have been in the high 80’s. It’s tolerable weather but still hot enough to have me cooped up in the house with the a/c on 24/7.

I’ve heard, though, that some parts of the Philippines are experiencing strong typhoons and torrential rains so I really shouldn’t be bawling like a teething baby over a bit of July heat. To our kababayans, please keep warm and be safe.
Hearty soups are my favorite comfort foods and rain or shine, they’re on our dinner table at least 2 to 3 times a week. There’s just something about piping-hot sinigang or tinola that soothes the weary soul.

I had a good chunk of beef brisket thawing in the fridge which I meant to make into nilagang baka today for lunch but upon inspection of my produce bin, I realized I didn’t have cabbage, green beans or even potatoes to pull the dish together. Ugh, I really should have a better handle of keeping my pantry well-stocked.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well because I decided instead to make beef pares and enjoyed it a lot more than I think I would have a bowl of nilaga. I don’t make this dish very often, and I was glad of the refreshing change of flavor.

While I was chowing down the tender beef between generous spoonfuls of garlic fried rice and greedy slurps of the broth, I was muttering to myself, “Man, whoever dreamed up this awesome food pairing should be placed in the annals of Philippine history.” LOL, seriously, I enjoyed it that much!

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